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Structure and Functions of Certain Financial Intelligence Units of FATF Member Countries and Their Comparison with MASAK
MASAK Publication No. 21, Ankara May-2011

Obligations in Law No. 5549 within the frame of Misdemeanours Law No. 5326
MASAK Publication No. 20, February-2011

Assessing the Offence of Laundering Proceeds of Crime within the frame of the General Provisions of Turkish Criminal Law No. 5237
MASAK Publication No. 19, Ankara November-2010

The Offence of Laundering Proceeds of Crime in comparison with International Conventions and Legislation of Certain Countries
MASAK Publication No. 18, Ankara October-2010

Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Legislation
MASAK Publication No. 13, February 2011

The Relationship Between Alternative Financing Techniques and Money Laundering
MASAK Publication No. 14, Author: Ulaş Temur, May, 2009

Reports in the Fight Against Laundering Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism
MASAK Publication No. 15, Author: Hasan Karaal, May, 2009

Financing of Terrorism
MASAK Publication No. 12, Authors: Hasan Aykın, H.Kevser Sözmen, March, 2009

Crime Economics, Counter Fighting Methods and Evaluation of Turkey
MASAK Publication No. 22, April-2013

Criminal Asset Recovery in Accordance with International Conventions and European Union Law, Country Implementations and Comparison with Turkey
MASAK Publication No. 23, Author: Mehmet Onur Yurdakul, July-2013

Financial System Structure Instruments, Operations on National and International Scale
MASAK Publication No. 24, Author:Hüseyin Gültekin, November-2013

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers within the Scope of AML/CFT Legislation
MASAK Publication No. 25, April-2015

Preventive Measures on Fight Against AML/CFT Crimes, Obligated Parties, Obligations, Supervision of Obligations and Sanctions
MASAK Publication No. 27, September-2015

Guideline for Identifying the Beneficial Owner within the Scope of CDD Procedures
MASAK Publication No. 28, April-2016

Guideline Regarding the Obligations of Financial Institutions and Regulatory Compliance on AML/CFT (Factoring, Financial Leasing and Financing Companies)
MASAK Publication No.29, Authors: Banu Okumuş, Faruk Mutlu, November-2018