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The Global Programme against Money Laundering (GPML) is a research and technical assistance three-year programme (1997-99) implemented by the Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention (ODCCP).

Its aim is to increase the effectiveness of international action against money laundering through comprehensive technical cooperation services offered to Governments.

The Programme encompasses three main areas of activity, each of which provides various means for States and institutions in their efforts to effectively combat the money laundering phenomenon.

I. Technical cooperation is the main pillar of the Programme, encompassing activities of awareness-raising, institution building and training:

II. The research and analysis pillar aims at offering States key information to better understand the phenomenon of money laundering and to enable the international community to elaborate more efficient countermeasure strategies.

The research/analysis pillar provides States with access to documented and reliable information on the money laundering problem.

III. The recent commitment to support the establishment of financial investigation services (FIS) will contribute to raising the overall effectiveness of law enforcement measures.

Support to financial investigation services is the most recent dimension of the Programme. This newly established service will open the following possibilities of assistance to interested States:

The implementation of the Global Programme against Money Laundering is carried out in the spirit of cooperation with other international, regional and national organizations and institutions.

A number of activities are conducted in concert with other organizations and initiatives, including banking associations, existing Financial Intelligence Units, the Financial Action Task Force and its counterparts in Asia and the Caribbean, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Organization of American States /CICAD, Interpol, the World Customs Organisation, the Council of Europe, EC Phare Programme, the IMF, the World Bank, the Egmont Group and other institutions associated with the UN such as UNDP, ISPAC, ISISC.

To request assistance from the United Nations Global Programme against Money Laundering,
please contact the United Nations at the following address:

Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
Global Programme against Money Laundering
P.O. 500, A-1400 Vienna, Austria

telephone: (43-1) 260 60 43 13
facsimile: (43-1) 260 60 68 78
e-mail: jthony@undcp.un.or.at